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With over 35 million specimens housed
in more than 132,354 drawers, 33,000
jars or vials, and 23,000 slides in
more than 5,200 cabinets, the
National Insect Collection
is one of the largest
entomological collections
in the world.

Specimens and their associated data
are used as the basis for original
scientific research on the nature,
inter-relationships, origin, and
evolution of insects and their
allies.  The large holdings of
medically and agriculturally
important species make parts
of the collection especially
significant as sources of
systematic research and
identification of insect

The Department of
Entomology at the
National Museum
includes research
scientists and museum
specialists from the Smithsonian
Institution as well as the U.S.D.A.
Systematic Entomology Lab and
the Walter Reed Biosystematics
Unit of the Department of
Defense (links at left).

Cooperation between these affiliated agencies is directed toward the common objective of developing the National Entomological Collections for research and reference.




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