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Gustavo Silva de Miranda,
Peter Buck postdoctoral Fellow

  • Phone: 202-633-4578

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  • Fax: 202-786-3141

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    Smithsonian Institution
    PO Box 37012, MRC 105
    Washington, DC 20013-7012

  • Public Carrier Address:
    Smithsonian Institution
    National Museum of Natural History
    10th & Constitution NW
    Washington, DC 20560-0105
  Gustavo de Miranda
  • Education:
    Ph.D. University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    M.Sc. National Museum of Rio de Janeiro/UFRJ
    B.S. Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro

Research interests:

My research is focused in studying the morphology and DNA of arachnids to unveil their diversity, systematics and biogeography. Within the arachnids, the study groups I work with are Amblypygi (whip spiders or tailless whip scorpions), Schizomida (shorttailed whipscorpion), Thelyphonida (whip scorpions or vinegaroons), Palpigradi (microwhip scorpion), Araneae (spiders) and Opiliones (harvestmen).

  • Phylogeography of the Atlantic Forest using whip spiders as a model organism

This project aims to use next generation sequencing methods and a multi-locus approach to analyze the genome of an invertebrate group, the whip spiders of the genus Charinus. Expanding on the work done for my doctoral thesis, the plan is to collect fresh material from 20 points in the Atlantic Forest, from the northernmost to the southern region of the forest, extract, amplify and sequence the DNA, and analyze the population genetics of the species sampled. With this fine-scale approach to the forest diversity, it will be possible to model species distributions, understand past effects of tectonic events and climatic changes in the forest's Charinus fauna, and predict the effects of future climate changes in this hyper diverse forest. This will be one of the first phylogeographies of the AF using an invertebrate as a model, the first phylogeography using genomic data. This research is an important step towards understanding South American biodiversity, and the broad question of why some areas of the planet harbor a greater degree of diversity than others.

  • Systematics, taxonomy and biogeography of Amblypygi

The Amblypygi is an amazing group of organisms that has much of its taxonomy and systematics unresolved. This project has the aim of addressing questions relating to evolution of these animals, their conservation and relationship. To reach that, I use morphology and DNA (multilocus data [the usual suspects] and Ultraconserved Elements [UCE]). To explore the historical and ecological biogeography of the group, I date calibrate molecular trees (using BEAST), do ancestral state reconstruction (with BioGeoBEARS), and study species limits and genetic diversity (population genetics and phylogeography using a pipeline for SNPs from UCE data).

  • Systematics and taxonomy of Schizomida

​The poorly known arachnids order Schizomida has its diversity underestimated, a possible result of its cryptic habitat, small size and lack of taxonomic studies. This project is trying to resolve the order's taxonomy and phylogeny with the description of new species and raising of new characters for a morphological and molecular phylogeny of the group.


Google Scholar profile


Miranda, G.S; Zamani, A. (2018). Filling the gap of whip spider distribution in Asia: Phrynichus persicus sp.n. (Arachnida, Amblypygi), a new Phrynichidae from Iran. Zootaxa, in press.

Miranda, G.S.; Giupponi, A.P.L.; Prendini, L.; Scharff, L. Weygoldtia, a new genus of Charinidae (Arachnida, Amblypygi) with a reappraisal of the genera in the family. Zool. Anz.

McArthur, I.W.; Miranda, G.S.; Seiter, M.; Chapin, K.J. Global patterns of sexual dimorphism in Amblypygi. Zool. Anz. ​

Miranda, G.S; Giupponi, A.P.L.; Kury, A.B. (2018) Review of Trichodamon Mello-Leitão 1935 and phylogenetic placement of the genus in Phrynichidae (Arachnida, Amblypygi)​.​​ Zool. Anz., in press

Miranda, G.S.; Giupponi, A.P.L. (2017). Notes on one species of Palpigradi (Arachnida). Rivista Aracnologica Italiana, 13: 45-48. [PDF]

Giupponi, A.P.L.; Miranda, G.S; Villarreal, O.M. (2016). Rowlandius dumitrescoae species group (Schizomida: Hubbardiidae): new diagnosis, key and description of new cave-dwelling species from Brazil​. Zookeys, 632: 13–34. [PDF]

Miranda, G.S.; Milleri-Pinto, M.; Gonçalves-Souza, T.; Giupponi, A.P.L.; Scharff, N. (2016). A new species of Charinus Simon, 1892 (Amblypygi, Charinidae) from Brazil, with notes on behavior. Zookeys, 621: 15–36. [PDF]

Miranda, G.S.; Aharon, S.; Gavish-Regev, E.; Giupponi, A.P.L.; Wizen, G. (2016). New species of Charinus Simon, 1892 (Arachnida: Amblypygi: Charinidae) from Israel and new records of C. ionniticus (Kritscher, 1959). European Journal of Taxonomy, 234: 1–17. [PDF]

Giupponi, A.P.L. & Miranda, G.S. (2016). Eight New Species of Charinus Simon, 1892 (Arachnida: Amblypygi: Charinidae) Endemic for the Brazilian Amazon, with Notes on Their Conservational Status. Plos One, 11: e0148277.  [PDF

Villarreal, O.M.; Miranda, G.S.; Giupponi, A.P.L. (2016). New Proposal of Setal Homology in Schizomida and Revision of Surazomus (Hubbardiidae) from Ecuador. Plos One, 11: e0147012. [PDF]

Miranda, G.S.; Giupponi, A.P.L.; Wizen, G. (2016). Two new species of whip spider (Amblypygi): an epigean and a cave dwelling Charinus Simon, 1892 from Belize. Zootaxa, 4098: 545. [PDF]

Passos, M.I.S.; Miranda, G.S.; Nessimian, J.L. (2015). Three new species of Macrelmis Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Elmidae: Elminae) from Southeastern Brazil with new definition of species groups to the genus. Zootaxa, 4058: 195-210. [PDF]

Da-Silva, E.R.; Coelho, L.B.N.; Santos, E.L.S.; Campos, T.R. M.; Miranda, G.S.; Araujo, T.C.; Carelli, A. (2014). Marvel and DC characters inspired by insects. Acme International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 4: 10-36. [PDF]

Da-Silva, E.R.; Coelho, L.B.N.; Campos, T.R.M.; Carelli, A.; Miranda, G.S.; Santos, E.L.S.; Passos, M.I.S. (2014). Marvel and DC Characters Inspired by Arachnids. Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship, 4: 1-14. [PDF]

Da-Silva, E.R.; Coelho, L.B.N.; Campos, T.R.M.; Miranda, G.S.; Baffa, A.F.; da Silveira, T.C. (2014). Marvel and DC characters inspired by crustaceans. Acme International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2: 1-12. [PDF]

Senna A.R.; Figueiró R.; Andrade L.F.; Sardella C.J.R.; Guedes-Silva E.; Souza-Filho J.F.; Miranda G.S.; Oliveira G.R.; Ferreira R.L.; Docile T.N. (2013). A importância e os desafios para o conhecimento e a catalogação da biodiversidade no Brasil. Acta Scientiae & Technicae, 1(1): 53–86. [PDF]

Miranda G.S.; Sampaio B.H.L.; Passos, M.I.S. (2012). Two new species of Austrolimnius Carter & Zeck (Insecta: Coleoptera: Elmidae) from Southeastern Brazil. Zootaxa 3389: 14–24. [PDF]

Giupponi A.P.L. & Miranda G.S. (2012). A new species of Sarax Simon, 1892 from the Philippines (Arachnida: Amblypygi: Charinidae). Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências, 84(1): 165–173. [PDF]

Miranda G.S. & Dias, P.H.S. (2012). Vicariance biogeography: history and perspectives of the discipline that launched a new look at the diversity on Earth. (Biogeografia de vicariância: histórico e perspectivas da disciplina que lançou um novo olhar sobre a diversidade na Terra). Filosofia e História da Biologia, 7(2): 215–240. [PDF]

Miranda G.S. & Giupponi A.P.L. (2011). A new synanthropic species of Charinus Simon, 1892 from Brazilian Amazonia and notes on the genus (Arachnida: Amblypygi: Charinidae). Zootaxa, 2980: 61–68. [PDF]

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