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Tropical Rainforest Ecology of Papua New Guinea

(Scott Miller, Yves Basset, Vojtech Novotny, George Weiblen: PIs)

  • Binatang Research Centre (formerly known as the Parataxonomist Training Centre):

    Documenting the biodiversity of Papua New Guinea is one of the core activities of the Binatang Research Center. Through the efforts of a team of highly skilled parataxonomists in Papua New Guinea and collaborators at research institutions around the world, long-term research is being conducted on communities of leaf-chewing insects, host specificity of caterpillars (as well as beetles and fruit flies), ecology and evolution of figs and fig wasps and much more.
    The National Insect Collection has benefitted greatly from these research projects by obtaining valuable material for taxonomic work which, in turn, is highly useful in determining conservation priorities for Papua New Guinea.

Parataxonomists at the Binatang Research Center in Papua New Guinea celebrating their recent publication in the journal: Nature

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