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2017-2018 special ICD9 competition

The S.W. Williston Diptera Research Fund is a Smithsonian Institution administered endowment fund established for the increase and diffusion of knowledge about Diptera.

The fund supports the travel of graduate students and dipterists to the International Congresses of Dipterology and to the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC for collections-based research as well as field work.

This year, the Williston Fund will support the attendance of up to 7 graduate students or recently graduated dipterists (graduation in 2017) who are either presenting a poster or oral presentation at the 9th International Congress of Dipterology in Windhoek, Namibia (25-30 November 2018) with US$2,000 each.

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This special competition is made possible through the use of our annual endowment funds and the generously provided additional funds by Chris Thompson, the founder of the Williston Fund.

Requirements for Application

  • contact Torsten Dikow ( (a representative of the Williston Fund committee) with a short summary of why you plan to attend ICD9 and a research project you plan to present at the congress.
  • summarize your research goals into a short proposal in PDF format (1-2 pages maximum)
  • itemize your budget in the proposal PDF (anticipated transportation costs, per diem costs for lodging and food, and any other items) 
  • attach a current CV
  • E-mail the complete application materials in PDF format to Torsten Dikow (

Application Deadline: 15 January 2018

(note: every awardee must comply with the rules of the Smithsonian Institution regarding travel and reimbursements, which require several forms to be filled out prior to any travel.)


The Williston Fund is administered by a committee of at least three members, two of whom (the majority) must be systematists actively working on Diptera, and one who must be a scientist affiliated with, but not necessarily employed by, the Smithsonian Institution (for example, a dipterist of the United States Department of Agriculture Systematic Entomology Laboratory (SEL)). The current committee consists of: Allen Norrbom, Gary Hevel, and Torsten Dikow.

Please consider donating to this endowment fund to support the increase and diffusion of knowledge about Diptera and particularly the research and travel of a new generation of dipterists.

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