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The Catalog of Coleoptera of America North of Mexico was a project originally undertaken by Science and Education Administration staff from the USDA Systematic Entomology Laboratory with the ambitious goal of replacing and updating the Catalogue of the Coleoptera of America North of Mexico (really a checklist) first published by Charles Leng in 1920, with supplements added through 1947. 

The individual fascicles of Agriculture Handbook series 529 were published from 1978 until 1997 under the direction of its Editor-in-Chief, John M. Kingsolver (USDA-SEL), and an editorial board comprised of 5 coleopterists from various Canadian institutions, the Smithsonian Institution, and the USDA-SEL.  Originally planned to include 146 fascicles, the series ultimately ended with only 34 fascicles.  Although now largely supplanted by other family-specific publications and by the recently published 2-volume set of American Beetles, the published fascicles of the catalog remain extremely useful references for North American beetles, particularly for locating type specimens, resolving nomenclatural issues, exploring known distributions, and for the bibliographies found at the end of each fascicle.

Below are the completed works of The Catalog of Coleoptera of America North of Mexico arranged alphabetically by taxon (click here to browse by author). These fascicles were made available here thanks to Ms. Rosalind Cohen (SI volunteer), who digitized them, and Dr. Floyd Shockley (SI Entomology staff), who then compiled them and converted them into OCR searchable PDFs.





Allocorynidae O'Brien, C.W. 1991 529-138
Amphizoidae Kavanaugh, D.H. 1984 529-5
Anobiidae White, R.E. 1982 529-70
Byturidae Springer, C.A., and Goodrich, M.A. 1991 529-103
Cerylonidae Lawrence, J.F. 1982 529-95
Ciidae Lawrence, J.F. 1982 529-105
Cupedidae Atkins, M.D. 1979 529-1
Curculionidae: Acicnemidinae, Cossoninae, Rhytirrhininae, Molytinae, Petalochilinae, Trypetidinae, Dryophthorinae, Tachygoninae, Thecesterninae O'Brien, C.W. 1997 529-143g
Curculionidae: Curculioninae Gibson, L.P. 1985 529-143b
Curculionidae: Erirhininae O'Brien, C.W., and Anderson, D.M. 1996 529-143f
Curculionidae: Hylobiinae O'Brien, C.W., and Marshall, G.B. 1986 529-143c
Curculionidae: Pissodinae O'Brien, L.F. 1989 529-143d
Curculionidae: Polydrosinae:Tanymecini Howden, A.T. 1993 529-143e
Curculionidae: Rhynchophorinae Vaurie, P. 1983 529-143a
Derodontidae Lawrence, J.F. 1989 529-65
Dryopidae Brown, H.P. 1983 529-49
Elmidae Brown, H.P. 1983 529-50
Endomychidae Strohecker, H.F. 1986 529-98
Heteroceridae Pacheco, M.F. 1978 529-47
Ithyceridae O'Brien, C.W. 1994 529-146
Languriidae Lawrence, J.F., and Vaurie, P. 1983 529-92
Limnichidae Wooldridge, D.P. 1986 529-48
Micromalthidae Atkins, M.D. 1982 529-2
Micropeplidae Campbell, J.M. 1984 529-24
Mordellidae Bright, D.E. 1986 529-125
Nemomychidae Hamilton, R.W. 1994 529-134
Platypodidae Wood, S.L. 1979 529-141
Pselaphidae Chandler, D.S. 1997 529-31
Psephenidae Brown, H.P. 1983 529-41
Pyrochroidae Young, D.K. 1983 529-120
Rhysodidae Bell, R.T. 1985 529-4
Scarabaeidae: Geotrupinae Howden, H.F. 1984 529-34a
Scarabaeidae: Rutelinae & Dynastinae Hardy, A. 1991 529-34b
Silphidae Peck, S.B., and Miller, S.E. 1993 529-28

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