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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
staff at work

The staff of the Department of Entomology is comprised of research scientists, museum specialists and technicians employed by the Smithsonian Institution as well as those employed by "affiliated" agencies including the USDA Systematic Entomology Laboratory, the Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit (DOD) and the Institute of Arthropodology and Parasitology at Georgia Southern University.

All combined, the Entomology staff numbers about 80 full-time permanent employees and about 30 resident research associates, postdoctoral and predoctoral fellows, students, and volunteers.

Staff in residence at NMNH are listed below. Click on names to enter SI staff pages, click on USDA logo to enter the SEL web site.

Department Chair: Sean Brady
Secretary:   Juanita Hall
Collections Manager: Dave Furth
Collections Information Manager: Patricia Gentili-Poole

SI Research Entomologists
Sean Brady Hymenoptera
Donald R. Davis Lepidoptera
Torsten Dikow Diptera
Terry L. Erwin Coleoptera
Robert K. Robbins Lepidoptera
Ted Schultz Hymenoptera
Pre- and Post-Doctoral Fellows
Bonnie Blaimer SI Postdoctoral Fellow: Hymenoptera
Michael Branstetter NMNH Buck Postdoctoral Fellow: Hymenoptera
Ana Jesovnik SI Predoctoral Fellow: Hymenoptera
Fred Larabee NMNH Buck Predoctoral Fellow: Hymenoptera
Shelah Morita NSF Internat'l Research Fellow: Diptera
Jeffrey Sosa-Calvo NMNH Buck Predoctoral Fellow: Hymenoptera
Emeritus & Other Research Entomologists
John M. Burns Lepidoptera (emeritus)
Jonathan A. Coddington Arachnida & Myriapoda (Associate Director)
Scott E. Miller Lepidoptera (SI Senior Executive)
Oliver S. Flint, Jr.  Neuropteroids (emeritus)
Wayne Mathis Diptera (emeritus)
F. Christian Thompson Diptera (emeritus)
SI Technical Staff:  
Jessica Bird Data Management
Karie Darrow Digital Imaging Specialist & Web Site Manager
      Dana DeRoche Arachnida & Myriapoda
Debbie Feher Museum Registration Systems Coordinator
Brian Harris   Lepidoptera & Hymenoptera
Don Harvey Lepidoptera
Gary Hevel Coleoptera (emeritus)
Erin Kolski Diptera & Neuroptera
Mike Lloyd Molecular Laboratory Technician
Vichai Malikul Scientific Illustrator
Charyn Micheli Coleoptera
Cindy Murphy Lancaster Data Management
Eugenia Okonski Hymenoptera
Dave Pollock Lepidoptera
Margaret Rosati Lepidoptera
Floyd Shockley Collections management
Desmond Smith Collections management
Young Sohn Scientific Illustrator

Systematic Entomology Lab LogoUSDA Systematic Entomology Laboratory Staff in Residence at NMNH

Research and Service Scientists
John W. Brown Lepidoptera
Matthew L. Buffington Hymenoptera
Lourdes Chamorro Coleoptera
Michael W. Gates Hymenoptera (& Location Leader)
Thomas J. Henry Hemiptera (& Unit Leader) 
Alexander S. Konstantinov Coleoptera
Robert Kula Hymenoptera
Steven W. Lingafelter Coleoptera
Stuart H. McKamey Homoptera
Allen L. Norrbom Diptera (& Unit Leader)
Michael G. Pogue Lepidoptera
M. Alma Solis Lepidoptera
Natalia J. Vandenberg Coleoptera
Norman E. Woodley Diptera
Raymond J. Gagne Diptera (retired)
David R. Smith Hymenoptera (retired)
Support Scientists and Technical Staff
Elaine B. Jamison Computer Assistant
Taina Litwak Scientific Illustrator
Mark A. Metz Support Scientist: Lepidoptera
Terry P. Nuhn Museum Specialist: Hymenoptera
Gary Ouellette Museum Specialist: Diptera
Elisabeth P. Roberts Museum Technician: Coleoptera
Lucrecia H. Rodriguez Museum Technician: Diptera


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